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  • Martel's Elements, eBookContaining, I. New Essays on Education, Relative, Especially, to History, Moral Philosophy, and Composition. II. An Introduction to the French Language, by Means of A Literal Translation of the First Hundred Pages of This Book, the Conjugation of the Verbs, and Some Familiar Phrases. III. A Selection of Delicate Bon-mots, Anecdotes, Sentences, Sentiments, Thoughts, Play on Words, Anagrams, Witticisms, Devices, Puns, Jokes, Apologues, Happy Applications of Passages in Famous Writers, Stories, Ingenious Repartees; but Having Nothing of What Migh Alarm Modesty or Excite Condemnable Laughter Upon the Objects of Our Duties and of Our Respect, Which, Certainly, Is Not the Case in the Books Now in the Hands of Youth, to Learn French By. Copy-right Secured According to Law

    by Martel, Michael