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Jul 09, 2015
The Vindico is fictional superhero novel. However it is not a conventional superhero novel as it is not from the perspective of the heroes. The book is narrated from the perspective of five children who are abducted by supervillains. Except that they are not being abducted. They are being recruited. The superheroes that are supposed to be antagonizing are their role models. This poses a dilemma to all the children in regard to their course of action. This simple change in perspective makes the book far more interesting. The book manages to capture the fear and confusion that all the children are experiencing at the time. The tongue in cheek humour of the book manages to liven the story up. It makes it so the dark plot of the story is not immediately apparent. The fact that there are five main characters also adds variety to the story. Which brings to light the most powerful element that is used throughout the book: character development. Each of the five main characters are given varying and distinct personalities. This makes it so that there are many interesting subplots between the five protagonists (the term "protagonists" is used loosely) to go along with the main plot. This acts to distract the reader from the main story line. Although this might seem like a flaw, what it is really doing is preventing the story from becoming overly thrilling or intense. Along with its jokey tone, the subplots make it so the reader is not constantly thinking about the main plot, ultimately making it a more fun book to read. That being said, the main plot is very engaging and serious which is not necessarily bad. The book simply excels as a collection of all its elements.