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Feb 02, 2021taylorsmith2_0 rated this title 3 out of 5 stars
The Only Good Indians is a supernatural story centered around the lives of 4 Blackfeet Indian men who unlawfully killed a large number of elk over 10 years ago and are now experiencing a "haunting" by a vengeful Elk Woman spirit. The Elk Woman appears to the men as a naked woman with a huge elongated elk head and glowing, yellow, violent eyes. One by one, she picks off each of the men. I have to admit that the short novel did not immediately envelop me as I found the characters names/nicknames and colloquial speech to be difficult to follow. The "meat" of the book begins once the reader recognizes that all of the male friends are being punished for the same act. The author certainly raises good points as to what can happen when traditions are eroded over time and the horror that can ensue when the environment finally bites back.