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Aug 03, 2018
In a more uncommon genre of books, Wesley King brings readers The Vindico, which is based on a superhero and villain style of storytelling (usually found in graphic novels). Having a sympathetic set of main characters, the book is enjoyable for teens of all ages. It begins by introducing a different kind of climate, almost a dystopia, where the villainous figures in the Vindico abduct proteges to become the new enemies of the League of Heroes. Throughout this process, the story develops and reveals the real-life application derived from the book: confrontation of fear, rivalry, and play on emotions. These aspects culminate into a show of uniqueness in each character. Along the way is plenty of action for readers seeking intensity and a fast-paced read. Fans of superheroes will undoubtedly enjoy the creativity of the special abilities each protege has, while also containing the clever interactions and occasional humor. The book is well-put together and worth reading as a novice. Rating: 3.5 of 5 @Mercurial_Series of the Hamilton Public Library Teen Review Board