Speak The Graphic Novel By Anderson, Laurie Halse Graphic Novel - 2018

I know I missed this train long ago, but I’m glad I was able to jump onboard with the graphic edition. What can I even say that hasn’t been said? Wow. This is powerful. For those who might be unfamiliar with the story, Speak follows Melinda who is starting her freshman year of high school as an outcast after she calls the cops at the end of summer party. Little does everyone else know she was raped that night by a fellow student, and that is why she was calling the cops. With no one willing to listen to her or her story, Melinda falls silence for the majority of her freshman year, isolating herself from friends, family, and peers. As I’m sure others felt with the novel, I could not put this one down. There were so many emotions involved in this one that you had to keep reading to find out just what ends up happening to Melinda. It is a heavy topic, but it is so important. If you’ve been wanting to read this one for a while now, the graphic is a great option that conveys just as much emotion through both the images and text.

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