The Forbidden Wish
By Jessica Khoury

Ok, so here's the thing. There are some elements I usually don't like as much; it was very romantic, the author hasn't really made anything that I liked, but here it was so well done, that I actually liked the story. The writing was captivating and the characters (especially Zahra), were very fascinating. I didn't feel like it was about the romance, because there was a story outside of that, and the way it was told was gorgeous. I felt like there were things, little bits of wisdom I could take from there. There was feminism, but not to the point of it being ridiculous. And even though there was a prejudice between the jinni and princess, they still respected each other. The characters weren't perfect and even after reading so many books, I still remember it. I mainly recommended this book because of the writing, since Six of Crows, has a quite nice writing style without being overbearing. However, this style is a little different, but still very good.

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