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The Vindico

Book - 2012
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Sep 28, 2020

The Vindico is about 5 young teens who are kidnapped and taken to train with the Vindico, which are a group of villains with superpowers who have been at war with the Legion of Heroes. The evil mentors search for their apprentices' strengths in order to train them but also exploit their weaknesses in order to make them villains. This book was an interesting twist on the "Teen Superhero Team" subgenre that has become so popular. The teens actually learn more about themselves than they ever would have learned if they had become superheroes. I look forward to reading The Feros.

Aug 03, 2018

In a more uncommon genre of books, Wesley King brings readers The Vindico, which is based on a superhero and villain style of storytelling (usually found in graphic novels). Having a sympathetic set of main characters, the book is enjoyable for teens of all ages. It begins by introducing a different kind of climate, almost a dystopia, where the villainous figures in the Vindico abduct proteges to become the new enemies of the League of Heroes. Throughout this process, the story develops and reveals the real-life application derived from the book: confrontation of fear, rivalry, and play on emotions. These aspects culminate into a show of uniqueness in each character. Along the way is plenty of action for readers seeking intensity and a fast-paced read. Fans of superheroes will undoubtedly enjoy the creativity of the special abilities each protege has, while also containing the clever interactions and occasional humor. The book is well-put together and worth reading as a novice. Rating: 3.5 of 5
@Mercurial_Series of the Hamilton Public Library Teen Review Board

Jul 09, 2015

The Vindico is fictional superhero novel. However it is not a conventional superhero novel as it is not from the perspective of the heroes. The book is narrated from the perspective of five children who are abducted by supervillains. Except that they are not being abducted. They are being recruited. The superheroes that are supposed to be antagonizing are their role models. This poses a dilemma to all the children in regard to their course of action. This simple change in perspective makes the book far more interesting. The book manages to capture the fear and confusion that all the children are experiencing at the time. The tongue in cheek humour of the book manages to liven the story up. It makes it so the dark plot of the story is not immediately apparent. The fact that there are five main characters also adds variety to the story. Which brings to light the most powerful element that is used throughout the book: character development. Each of the five main characters are given varying and distinct personalities. This makes it so that there are many interesting subplots between the five protagonists (the term "protagonists" is used loosely) to go along with the main plot. This acts to distract the reader from the main story line. Although this might seem like a flaw, what it is really doing is preventing the story from becoming overly thrilling or intense. Along with its jokey tone, the subplots make it so the reader is not constantly thinking about the main plot, ultimately making it a more fun book to read. That being said, the main plot is very engaging and serious which is not necessarily bad. The book simply excels as a collection of all its elements.

hey123_0 Nov 18, 2014

such a good book. balance of humor and action

Jun 02, 2013

I love this book. I stayed up all night reading it. A nice change from the regular plot of heroes and villains.

May 24, 2013

This novel is truly an amazing read and kept me on the edge of my seat the whole time I was reading it.The Characters are so great, they all have different personalities and are very unique with different powers.

May 18, 2013

I <3 this book. I'm so happy because I get to see Wesley King.
Best Seats :P
~In Book Club <3~

May 14, 2013

You can meet Wesley King, author of The Vindico, in person at the Central Branch of the Whitby Public Library on Thursday, May 23 at 7:00 p.m.! Find all of the details here:

Sibley_3 Apr 26, 2013

I thought this was a really good book. I enjoyed how the author put different points of view, letting us get to know each character and their perspective of what was happening. I think it would be a really good superhero/villain movie kinda like the X-Men movies!

Apr 13, 2013

LOVED the book, must have read it a bajillion times. Only thing I didn't like; the names. Lana, Leni, Lyle. Sam and Sliver. And all the other League/Vindico super-odd names. But I wrote down a mentor to protégé list and it really helped. (I had to use this book for the Forest of Reading thing my school does.) Can't wait for sequel!

Mar 16, 2013

I like this book, but it needed a something. It was kind of sad that they didn't figure out that they were fighting on the wrong side though.

NorthleaAM Mar 06, 2013

I thought this book was good but could have been better. This book reminded me of The Mark of Athena and a book I used to read called.NERDS. It reminded me of Mark of Athena because there was five characters narrarating both books. I don't really remember NERDS but I think it had the same superhero concept

BriannaLovesBooks Mar 05, 2013

I love this book! I read it as part of the Red Maple program at my school and I reread it about 5 times! I love the fact it's in the villan's points of view other than the heroes!

bookworm0012 Mar 04, 2013

Because I always liked the idea of superheroes, I wasn't surprised that I LOVED THIS BOOK! The characters were relatable and there was no cliche settings. I liked the twist how they were working for the villains, not the heroes. The only part I did not like was that the ending was a little confusing. I wasn't exactly certain of what was happening. Also, at times I found some characters kind of annoying. But overall, an amazing book.

samdog123 Mar 01, 2013

The is one of the Forest of Reading, Red Maple nominees for this 2013. This is a terrific book-quirky, exciting, funny all at the same time. I quickly began to like all the characters. The Vidico, alias the Villains, are battling The League, superheroes. In order to give them an edge, they kidnap 5 kids to train them to become villains to beat the superheroes. If you like funny fantasy books, then you will love The Vindico! I hear this book has been optioned for a movie--sure do hope there is a sequel!

09sparky Feb 25, 2013

I never really liked comics and superheroes against villains but "The Vindico" was amazing. I think it was one of the best books nominated this year. I really liked the idea of the villains kidnapping five teens because they are growing old. My favourite part was when the villains were talking after being defeated and the said: "They'll come back and free us, because being a villain is way more fun than being a superhero."

ginjaninja23 Feb 24, 2013

All my life, I have never liked comics. But, I have always liked super heroes. So when I started reading The Vindico, it was like a dream come true. I love the writing style of Wesley King, and really hope there's a sequel to The Vindico! I agree with the Villains more than I agree with the Super heroes just because what they said was true, that the league of heroes isn't always right and doesn't treat people the way Super heroes are supposed to treat society. They don't go around helping people like they say they do. The only character who does that is Sam, who should be running the League of Heroes instead of Thunderbolt. Hayden was my favorite character. he was always calm and sarcastic, which was good most of the time to put the other protègès at ease in a panic situation. I hope he does get to go on his date with Lena if there is a sequel, and I also hope they make a group of their own because neither the Villains nor the League of Heroes is correct in what they do. This isn't my favorite Red Maple book, but it is the one of which I'm most excited to meet the author of.

ANDRAREEGAN Feb 22, 2013

I loved this book!! Amazing! Loved James! Wanted James and Emily to kiss! Loved The villians more the league! Hope This book wins I really want to meet wesley king! Great book! none have compared! I am almost positive it has my vote

thatwasINTENSE Feb 04, 2013

a good book, i am hoping for more soon!

bieber14 Jan 28, 2013

I didn't really like its just not my kind of book

C13Myth Jan 28, 2013

the Vindico is a excellent book, best so far! Many books have came quite close to being better but this one stays number one and will most likely stay number one!

ForestofReadingTeam Jan 23, 2013

Cool Author Fact: If WESLEY KING could choose to be any superhero, he would be Superman, because he can fly around the world and reverse time!

SHOCKYOU Jan 22, 2013

The book is fantastic!!! The book is well written and the plot is amazing. The Vindico is one of my favourite books!

dfss99 Jan 09, 2013

This book is ounstanding and marks one of my top books of all time. I can't wait for the sequel!!!! An awesome read and i highly reccomend it. it is filled of suspense, comedy, violence every book should have a melody of characteristics like this book did. Wesley King is my new favourite author. It was soo good i couldn't put it down and i finished it in 2 nights!

joe_thegoon Jan 09, 2013

this book was ok, it could have been better like there should have been more violence because i like violence:)

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